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  1. pilleway

    New member

    Welcome from Mexico, hope you find a S10 soon, you will love it.
  2. pilleway

    Hello from Belgium

    Rudi, welcome from Mexico! you still have a bike for many years to come! Congratulations.
  3. pilleway

    Rider's Clinic - Helping us ride better

    Great comments, suggestions and recomendations., For me, no dought, training, courses, get help from well experience riders, be humble to recongize for improvement and willing to be better driver will help to enjoy every ride. I would like to add, every time I'm in a ride I look for incidents to...
  4. pilleway

    From Spain

    Javi, bienvenido, te saludo desde Mexico! buenas fotos! Felicidades.
  5. pilleway

    Only in the Philippines

    Welcome from Mexico!
  6. pilleway

    Greetings from Russia.

    Oleg, welcome from Mexico! nice to be with us!
  7. pilleway

    Clinton From Kansas City

    Clinton welcome from Mexico! no dught here is the place!
  8. pilleway

    hi from NYC

    Welcom from Mexico, yes is great source of information, help, friends and much more!
  9. pilleway

    From down da bayou

    Welcome from Mexico, for sure you will love it.
  10. pilleway

    Hello from Tampa Bay

    Welcome from Mexico, here you are, this is the accion place!
  11. pilleway

    Greetings from the Netherlands

    Berry, welcome from Mexico. This IS the place to learn, share, find friends and more.
  12. pilleway

    Hello from MO

    Welcome from Mexico, for sure we can name the SuperTenere bike as every one likes, but be sure it is a GREAT bike, I just love mine! hope you love yours too! Congratulations.
  13. pilleway

    Hello from Argentina

    Hola, bienvenido! saludos desde Mexico! seguramente disfrutaras la S10, es grandiosa!
  14. pilleway


    Welcome from Mexico, love to see videos!!!
  15. pilleway

    Hello from Canada

    Welcome from Mexico. Enjoy the forum.
  16. pilleway

    Hello from Virginia.

    Welcome from Mexico, be sure you will get a lot of good recomendations.
  17. pilleway

    ahoj from SLovakia

    Welcome from Mexico!
  18. pilleway

    FJR sold, looking for ST

    Welcome from Mexico! be sure you will find one in a great shape! if so, please share some pictures.
  19. pilleway

    The anything thread.

    After almost a year I finaly got my Father's Big Ben working! Is all mechanical and If I recall he got it about 60 years a go, when he pass away I bought it home and now is working! Now I will work out to have sync with time! Great looking Big Ben!
  20. pilleway

    Just joined

    Hi, welcome from Mexico! nice bike you got!