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  1. CoreyM16

    Panniers + Mounting Hardware?

    I know this has been talked to death in multiple places, however I cannot find anything that gives me good reasoning, pricing, and utility when it comes to panniers and mounting hardware. I am looking for top plate hardware that fits the square style Givi Monokey as well as solid pannier mounts...
  2. CoreyM16

    If you need Super Tenere service, Im still available ~TABASCO~

    I am brand new to the Super Tenere, if you had to gather up a sort of “check list” to be checked at every oil change or certain mileage interval. What would it be? I just picked my 2021 1200 ES with 5600 miles on it. The oil is fresh from the dealer and everything appears to be in good shape...
  3. CoreyM16

    New Member - VA, USA.

    Hello, my name is Corey. I live in Northern Virginia. I just bought a 2021 Super Tenere 1200 ES with 5600mi on it. I previously owned a 2022 GEN 3 KLR650 Adventure, which was my first bike. I’m looking forward to learning a lot about this bike, especially because I feel very lost in comparison!