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  1. Boyd

    SOLD Garmin Zumo 550 GPS For Sale

    Selling my Garmin Zumo 550. Included is: 1. Zumo 550 2. Motorcycle Mounts (2 each. One with a RAM mount ball attached) 3. Automotive Mount With Power Cord Included 4. Protective Carrying Case With Pocket Reference Booklet & Two Security Screw Drivers 5. Information Packet With USB Patch Cord...
  2. Boyd

    ISO Tank Bag (with map window) New or Used

    Getting things ready for our run thru Route 5 of the Oregon Back Country Discovery Route this up coming Spring or Summer. If there is a tank bag recommendation or a used one available... It's for a 2012 Tenere.
  3. Boyd

    What is Your Bike, Rider and Camping Equipment for Serious Off Roading?

    For 2019 we're planning on doing the O.B.C.D.R. ( Oregon Back Country Discovery Route ) I've done a few sections of route 5 already but those were just single day trips. This time we are wanting to complete route 5 from bottom to top. The second adventure...
  4. Boyd

    Graphics kits for Yamaha Super Tenere

    I have designed a new set of tank and front fairing graphics. The pictures I've included are the Yellow & Black with White background but if you wish, you can order Red & White with Black background. These are made of a tough vinyl product and have a UV protective coating that greatly inhibits...
  5. Boyd

    Self built wind screen bracket / GPS mount

    Here is the windscreen / GPS mount I built this winter. First I made a templet. From the templet I made the (two) brackets. After the brackets were made (and powder coated) I clamped it to the bike (using a 3/8” bolt as a locator) and drilled the mounting holes. Mounting hardware and...
  6. Boyd

    Want To Buy stock passenger seat pan

    I’m doing a trial modification to my Tenere’s passenger seat. What I’m needing is the plastic seat pan from the rear seat. I would use my existing seat pan but... then it wouldn’t be a “Trial Modification”. ;) Or direct me to somewhere that deals in bike salvage of current models.
  7. Boyd

    Duel Exhaust???

    I copied this from another site. Myself, If the cans are small enough, all that you would need on the right side is some kind of extension for the panner mounts and it would work. "An exhaust manufacturer here in Spain is using my bike to develop a new exhaust line for the ST. I ask them to...
  8. Boyd

    Oregon Based Rider

    Now that I’ve sold my GS (great bike but the dealer was a “HOSE-BAG”) I’ve cleared the way for buying my Yamaha. Been checking this forum for all the different farkles I might need, want, for my next scooter. Looking forward to the adventures ahead.
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