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  1. 03A3KRH

    Bike Won't Start

    My rule is..I don’t start it if I’m not going to ride it. Even if that ride is only to the mailbox and back. I’ve only have had one hard start and that happened when I violated my rule.
  2. 03A3KRH

    I really am trying hard to like this Super Tenere….but….HELP !!

    235 lbs here with bags and camping gear. Never felt like I needed any suspension upgrade. T-Rex skid plate.
  3. 03A3KRH

    Goldwing, best years?

    I owned a 2003 Gen 5 and now have a 2023 Gen 6. The Gen 5 had much better weather protection, but I didn’t like it in the heat and humidity areas during the summer. Too much of a good thing. Gen 5 had a much higher top end speed. Gen 6 is governed to 112 mph ish (I’m told). Gen 6 is...
  4. 03A3KRH

    Pillion replacement ?

    Just, take the seat off and remove the pillion seat. Two bolts. Flat underneath and the base provides a spot for lashing between the two grab bars.. Unless you want a metal plate, I think most folks just run with the OEM base under the pillion seat.
  5. 03A3KRH

    2013 Tenere purchase

    3000 to 3500 rpm under load you will likely feel the clutch basket shudder. My 2013 did it from early miles on. I viewed it as more of an irritation than impending doom. Up to you to decide if it’s bad enough to worry about or fix.
  6. 03A3KRH

    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?
  7. 03A3KRH

    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    Lonely place with a bit of irony.
  8. 03A3KRH

    Hard panniers breaking

    Yes, Tusk boxes. Two years ago. No broken bones but I still have a bit of a scar tissue where the box got me. Boots did their job. Bike didn’t survive.
  9. 03A3KRH

    Breeding Two Brands

    Mitas E07 rear, TKC 80 or Shinko 804 front. Not a problem.
  10. 03A3KRH

    MT to MI...first big adventure

    Be prepared to ride on the steel grating on the Mackinaw bridge. Everytime I‘ve been over it in the summer the outer paved lanes have been closed for bridge maintenance. The steel grating can be unnerving as it’s pretty big openings and the bike wiggles a lot. It’s a long way across and...
  11. 03A3KRH

    2022 Miles, Best and Worst

    1. 8200 on the S10, 1800 on the DR 2. Idaho (it’s all good) 3. Wyoming’s 450 after dark. 100+ miles of deer filled terror...
  12. 03A3KRH

    If you need Super Tenere service, Im still available ~TABASCO~

    Not if they put cabbage on it!!!! Salad belongs in a bowl next to your plate...
  13. 03A3KRH

    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    Snooping around Idaho...
  14. 03A3KRH

    For all y'all fans of the DR.

  15. 03A3KRH

    For all y'all fans of the DR.

  16. 03A3KRH

    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    Beartooth pass....
  17. 03A3KRH

    The anything thread.

    Have you ridden a new Harley with the Milwaukee 8?
  18. 03A3KRH

    BMW recall 440,000 bikes....moments of appreciation

    Well, who’s been doing V twins longer than Harley and it took them at least 4 tries to get the oil pump right on the Milwaukee 8. Most manufacturers are no longer interested in building the best possible product or providing a customer with great value, it’s more about maximizing profitability...
  19. 03A3KRH

    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    Wyoming Range..