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  1. firstime911

    BMW GS Update

    I just order another GSA LC Well I miss that smooth throttle response and flickability of the GS.
  2. firstime911

    How to fix these two annoying problem (1st Low speed hand off wobble + High speed vibration)

    Hi I have been running on S10 2019 non es for 6000 miles now, still on stock tire (Bridgestone battlewing) two problem that so annoying to me are; 1. Low speed wobble when I took the hand off handle bar during slow speed ride if the road is not perfect asphalt. The handle bar will start...
  3. firstime911

    Bar risers...HeliBar or Rox 2" risers?

    I bought the same thing.. I didn't like it yet. I felt more vibration to the side mirror.
  4. firstime911

    Yamaha triple turbo (patent) There is speculated of up to 180 hp and 170 Nm from a displacement of 850 cm Possible will be use as a new MT10 and FJR engine.
  5. firstime911

    XT1200 Super Tenere dropped by Yamaha in Europe/UK

    May be Super tenere 1000cc instead..
  6. firstime911

    Who has Metzeler roadtec 01 on please show picture

    Who has Metzeler roadtec 01 on please show picture, I'd love to see how is look on the bike.. THank you
  7. firstime911

    have u guys tried front tire from 110/80 19 to 120/80/19??

    have u guys tried front tire from 110/80 19 to 120/80/19?? will it be more stable on the highway ?
  8. firstime911

    Replace ST with a Tracer 9 GT

    Niken eng is euro4, Euro is inevitable. I heard from my friend who is working in Yam. I complaint to him that if niken were having bigger engine like 1300cc i'd get it, he response no but something bigger like around 1000cc +- is coming for 2021 Euro5. So i'd wait to see.
  9. firstime911

    Replace ST with a Tracer 9 GT

    If i were to change S10.. and if S10 were no more, id wait for new Nike GT.. EUro5
  10. firstime911

    Replace ST with a Tracer 9 GT

    if i were to sold S10, id go for either Niken (new one with 1000cc engine is coming).. or R1250gsa. Tracer gt is good but is not that comfortable for me peg backward like a sport bike
  11. firstime911

    Replace ST with a Tracer 9 GT

    i tried both before purchase S10..
  12. firstime911

    2021 S10's are posted on Yamaha's site.

    Yes same in Japan and SEA. We cannot order S10 anymore except for FJR.. will keep on selling.
  13. firstime911

    Who has DRL Blinker plus installed, if not Yamaha any recommended option??

    Hi i looking for DRL blinker plus that is DRL and Blinker together, I see Yamaha offer Blinker plus but is pricey.. any other option that fit and works well. Jus something simple DRL white LED with...
  14. firstime911

    Shorty Windscreens - where does the air hit you?

    I ride in hot and humid temperature 105F above. I'm 181cm when you ride around 80-90 mph wind hit me on mid chest where nipple is, if you were an airflow jacket, is a weird feeling. LOL Higher speed than that i.e. 100 mph need to tuck in
  15. firstime911

    New 2021 super 10?

    Its a fake video.. want to get click
  16. firstime911

    First 100 miles on my 2018 ST

    Congrats... the bike is really good.. even better if you add full arrow exhaust system..
  17. firstime911

    S10 Among GS

    I tried to calm her down.. but she was a wild beast.. hit 100mph many times. LOL
  18. firstime911

    S10 Among GS

  19. firstime911

    S10 Among GS

    I check already.. i think i did over inflated the front tire. + heavy load on pannier... so the front is lift a bit