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    23 ecm on a 2012? What would it take?

    I think that would be inadvisable. If the ecu is faulty there are far more used Gen 1 units around and a new ecu costs a ridiculous amount. A 2023 ecu may throw fault codes looking for cruise switches and the different diagnostic modes or instrument display.
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    Picking up new Ténéré on Saturday - question

    The handguard brackets are on the parts fiche: Bracket, handle 3: 23P-2622A-00 Bracket, handle 4: 23P-2622E-00 The left hand switch gear saddle clamp is number 2 in the attached-
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    Picking up new Ténéré on Saturday - question

    My last two STs were both delivered without the upper metal saddle bracket inside the left switchgear, so the switch unit would rotate a little on the handlebars. The last one didn’t have either of the underside metal brackets that hold the handguards securely, nor did it have much lubricant in...
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    Spotted Rob this morning!

    Mike, Rumour has it you’re changing the ST for a Tracer GT+…..? What’s your assessment compared with the ST? Mark (yes, really!)
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    S10 Finally Discontinued?

    I still can’t quite believe that selling the ST here is illegal, because the EU decided that it is so bad for the planet. However, we can buy a Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 Mach 1 because it meets Euro 6. There may be a market here for UK personal imports of “second hand” (i.e pre-registered) STs from...
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    xt1200 oil filter

    Ah, OK, I’ll look out for the updated Mahle number next time I need one.
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    xt1200 oil filter

    I use either of these: Mann MW64 £12.25...
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    New ECU (with new Keys / Ignition switch / Fuel Cap / Seat lock)

    Has anyone commissioned a new ECU (or built their bike new from the crate) and if so, what is the process? Is there a red key black key order, for example? I assume there is a dealer manual with instructions for assembling and commissioning a new bike, but I can’t find this on the internet. Many...
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    BMW issues stop sale for all internal combustion motorcycles in the US!

    There is no mention of this on UKGSer, the forum for all things BMW in the UK/ Europe.
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    Help, reversed batter polarity and now nothing

    I had to replace the 7.5a electronic throttle valve mini blade fuse and the main fuse (the big red topped one on its own). Don’t buy a Yamaha OEM main fuse - they’re just 50a Japanese car main fuses available at auto parts stores for less than a tenth the cost.
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    Arrow Headers don't fit OEM Muffler

    I have the Arrow headers and stock muffler, which should fit if you reuse the stock gasket: GASKET, MUFFLER 5VY-14714-00 Arrow don’t supply a new gasket.
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    Petition Against 20mph speed limit in Wales

    We’re in Bas Rhin currently and the 30kph limit seems to be universally ignored by French drivers, although the speed humps force you to a crawl unless you want to lose your pillion. 20mph is a stupid limit because internal combustion engined vehicles are not designed to travel so slowly. The...
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    What do you do when only 87 octane is available?

    My understanding is that the S10 doesn’t have knock sensors and there is only one spark map for both S and T modes, but the timing is quite lazy (most remappers leave as is) and compression ratio ok for any fuel you can get. After all, Yamaha sell the bike pretty much worldwide and it’s an...
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    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    Boris Is it hot in the Ardennes?
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    Metzeler Tourance

    Yes, the Tourance Next / Next 2 are dual compound - I was referring to the original Tourance, which are excellent tyres, but single compound (and have been since at least 1996 when they were fitted oem to my R1100GS!).
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    Metzeler Tourance

    The only downside of the Tourance is that they’re single compound, so they square off more quickly than modern dual or multi compound tyres.
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    2020 ST 1200 tank paint

    I was advised that it would be very difficult to get a paint to match the anodised blue finish and that it would always look like it was “nearly matching but not quite”!
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    Oil Filter Prices - UK

    I use these - £10.09 currently. HiFlo HF204s are cheaper, but they feel light and weedy compared with the Mahle oc575 or Mann MW64...
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    The 90 degree v-twin and boxer engines are inherently better balanced than a parallel twin with counterbalancers, so the ST won’t be quite as smooth at low revs.
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    Speedlab Performance and Tuning ECM FLASH

    S and T are just throttle maps, so the difference between them is only how much/quickly the twist grip opens the butterflies. There is only one set of fuel and spark timing tables so these are the same for S and T. However, both S and T can be improved in linearity / progressiveness compared...