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  1. Longdog Cymru

    Never seen one of these before HONDA CTX1300

    Hi Rob, these were a stripped down, slightly sportier cruiser version of the Pan European ST1300, cracking bikes but they didn’t sell well. As the song say, “you just don’t know what you got until it’s gone”.
  2. Longdog Cymru

    Honda NC750X

    I assume you are referring to our American cousins there? ;) :)
  3. Longdog Cymru

    Honda NC750X

    Hahaha! Yes, you are quite correct! ;)
  4. Longdog Cymru

    Honda NC750X

    These bikes do an easy 70mpg all day long.
  5. Longdog Cymru

    Lining not liners for top box

    Hahaha! There’s a lot you don’t know about Wales, we don’t all live in caves and have intimate relationships with sheep, (some can be a bit ugly anyway).
  6. Longdog Cymru

    Lining not liners for top box

    Why not simply use 2 pieces of “egg box” foam ?
  7. Longdog Cymru

    New member in UK

    I was wondering how you made the payment? Was it bank transfer direct to Daytona after you sent the boots or did they contact you after receiving the boots? Next question; who did you send your boots with, Post Office, Parcelforce or someone else? Thanks.
  8. Longdog Cymru

    What tyres for road use

    Yes, I used Michelin PR5 and found them excellent but the Continental Trail Attack 3 is also an excellent road tyre, I found what to be similar. The Michelin is perhaps a “softer” feeling tyre, great in cold, wet, hot nd dry conditions but then The Continental is too and I found it gave slightly...
  9. Longdog Cymru

    What tyres for road use

    I am a big Michelin fan, but I fitted Continental Trail Attack 3s 18 months ago and they are brilliant! Good grip in all weathers, warm up quickly, good wear and the compliment the steering and handling on the S10 I found the stock Bridgestones A41 tyres to be good, but, in spite of the media...
  10. Longdog Cymru

    2021 Yamaha Tracer 9 GT

    Let’s face it, it’s not going to happen. I like well executed shaft drives, just like Yamaha and Honda do, but it’s a question of cost and weight. Shaft drive has its place but not on a Tracer9 and not on a Tenere9 either, (but what an adventure bike that would be!)
  11. Longdog Cymru

    What's the best quick shifter (up AND down) for the Super Tenere?

    I really don’t get the whole “ must have a quick-shifter” thing. Yes, I have ridden bikes with a QS, but for goodness sake, the QS was intended for racers trying to carve fractions of a second off their lap times on a race track. I can do clutchless up shifts, (it’s really not difficult), but...
  12. Longdog Cymru

    How misinformation has slowly help kill the 1200XTZ

    Looks to me as though the rear wheel might be an 18” wheel too, which would be the smart way to do things, but it doesn’t look like a stock Tenere rim to me at least.
  13. Longdog Cymru

    Are the helibar risers worth it?

    I am also 6’2” with a 33” inside leg measurement and the only ‘mod’ that I did was the seat levelling one which is detailed on here, but we are all different. In reply to your question “are the Heli bar risers worth it?”, my answer is, yes they are as long as they solve the issue that you have...
  14. Longdog Cymru

    Windscreen choice

    The best screen I ever had on my S10 was the Givi Airflow.
  15. Longdog Cymru

    You guys wearing the front tire more than the rears?

    My S10 ran on Bridgestone A41s, Michelin PR4s and PR5s and Continental TA3s, and each set of tyres gave me 2 fronts to 1 rear and to be honest, each of these three tyres had different characteristics but I would happily fit any of them to any bike of mine at any time.
  16. Longdog Cymru

    V100 Mandello S coming soon

    Yes, maybe, but Guzzi have had their very own version of how a shaft final drive should be for quite some time and, although it is not without its faults, it appears to be far more reliable than BMW.
  17. Longdog Cymru

    Quietest Muffler With Header Swap

    I would think that there would be a gain whatever end can was fitted but only with a decent rolling-road session with an operator that reak lly understands how to reprogram the ECU
  18. Longdog Cymru

    Givi Airflow screen for sal

    Hi Rob, yes I did and I’m not sure that I have done the right thing. I’ve got myself a Yamaha Tracer9 GT+ from Alex and Scott in JTs Bridgend. I had a test ride and the 890 triple is awesome and then Scott offered me a deal that I couldn’t turn down. I’ve only done 110 miles since picking it up...
  19. Longdog Cymru

    Givi Airflow screen for sal

    Still for sale, how does £60.00 sound, plus post and packing. This is the best screen I ever had on my S10