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  1. Fennellg

    Zumo XT: Homemade mount with extra retention features

    Hell of a job building that. Use it and see if it blocks your view of the road. The Zumos have gotten bigger, as many of us have, as the years have gone buy. Also see if it vibrates. I had one mounted there. Moved it to the left handle bar. Our bars are rubber mounted absorbs enough...
  2. Fennellg

    Eastern Beaver PC-8

    Used a piece of roof flashing to make my mount. The aux light plug is plug and play. 30 min job. Been working since 2015. 9 years without a hitch. :). Eastern beaver maybe old school, but it works and it was easy.
  3. Fennellg

    Eastern Beaver PC-8
  4. Fennellg

    Navigation bar diameter size increase?

    Agreed, my gps shakes there. But it’s mounted so I leave it up. Might come in handy one day. More than likely make its way into my parts bin for use somewhere else on a new bike in the distant future.
  5. Fennellg

    2012 Charging Problem

    Ebay Motors. I have had good luck.
  6. Fennellg

    While riding around today this happened

    The man likes to ride!!! Well done:)
  7. Fennellg

    Ignition Coils/Wet riding

    Looks like a nice kit at a good price.
  8. Fennellg

    Overheating, empty radiator

    Till it boils or freezes and you have an even bigger problem.
  9. Fennellg

    Ram ball mount for phone?

    I got mine from Amazon. Used the garmin / ram site to determine the correct size.
  10. Fennellg

    Ram ball mount for phone?

    1 inch that’s what gamin uses
  11. Fennellg

    Ram ball mount for phone?

    The hand tight ones are the most versatile. Can be changed on the fly, Mount my GoPro in some creative places. The cross bar one is my least favorite phone and gps shake too much.
  12. Fennellg

    V85TT for now

    Think we should start a betting pool on the Date Checkswrecks come home to us proper. :)
  13. Fennellg

    Jump starting Lithium batteries

    Order or build a thicker pig tail. Just a prototype mocked up from shit I had lying around. If I was in a jam in the middle of no where might use it once. Our bikes bump start easily. Never felt the need for a jump starter on a trip. Carry jump cables for my BMW friends. They are...
  14. Fennellg

    The anything thread.

    Has a duel high low car head light. A different exhaust and some paint for the wing arm It would look sharp and I bet would be very rideable.
  15. Fennellg

    Noco NLP14 On Sale at Amazon (Canada) - $149

    Don’t forget a charger. With luck you will only need it once. Initial charge I went this route worked great.
  16. Fennellg

    Overheating, empty radiator

    Pressure is determined by volume, mix, and Temp.