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  1. Kruzzin5

    2023 Miles, Best & Worst

    Tikal National Park in Guatemala.
  2. Kruzzin5

    2023 Miles, Best & Worst

    30,000 kms. I rode from Toronto to Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. It was an outstanding but, gruelling trip. Temps were 36C-40C! The S10 performed without issue. Learned how to scuba dive in Cozumel as one of the riders owns a dive shop there. The UGLY….in Guatemala, my GIVI Trekker panniers...
  3. Kruzzin5

    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    That is amazing mileage! Are you able to provide a detailed list of the maintenance items that you've done or had to replace on the bike?
  4. Kruzzin5

    Regarding Tablets

    Very nice!
  5. Kruzzin5

    Regarding Tablets

    How is it after hours of riding with the sun beating on it. Did the screen fade out or did the tablet overheat? Do you have any pictures of the tablet mounted on the bike?
  6. Kruzzin5

    Regarding Tablets

    .... and ideally , it is waterproof.
  7. Kruzzin5

    Regarding Tablets

    When I was in Morocco, I met up with a local on a S10. He was using his iPad with data and it worked excellent. Though, I never thought to ask him how/ if the iPad would work under intense heat.
  8. Kruzzin5

    New Member from Toronto

    Welcome from Newmarket.
  9. Kruzzin5

    Fork Spring Replacement Without Tools

    I just used some clamps and hooks and it worked out very well. Also made my own gauge to determine proper oil fill for each fork.
  10. Kruzzin5

    Which Engine Bars ?

  11. Kruzzin5

    Coolant Recommendations

    l use Zerex Asian as well. Never had any issues with it.
  12. Kruzzin5

    Losing rear brake after a good bleed.

    Nice work!
  13. Kruzzin5

    I reached the 100,000 mark!

    Agreed on reliability. I just came back from Guatemala, Belize and Mexico, riding from Toronto. The bike was bulletproof. The issues that I did have were NON-Yamaha related…..GIVI Trekkers bags (pure crap), skid plate, aftermarket air horn. I hit some topes (speed bumps) pretty hard at 80 kmh...
  14. Kruzzin5

    I reached the 100,000 mark!

    2014. No issues other than regular maintenance.
  15. Kruzzin5

    anybody know if @gunslinger_006 is still a member

    I sent him a private message a few months ago and never heard back from him. I assume he’s gone.
  16. Kruzzin5

    I reached the 100,000 mark!

    Hahaha, how did you know???
  17. Kruzzin5

    I reached the 100,000 mark!

    It sure is!
  18. Kruzzin5

    I reached the 100,000 mark!

    That's in kilometers of course. :p:p:p:p
  19. Kruzzin5

    Which Exhaust Slip-On has the best sound / performance?

    I have a 2014 with the Delkevic and love it. I have noticed that mine is getting louder however, I thought my hearing was getting better! :p:p:p