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  1. Xclimation

    2015 Super Tenere for sale $7500.00 (Sold)

    Yes the ST2 is quite the process if you do it the way I did....I made a jumper/splitter plug in between for the wiring. I don't like splicing in to OEM wiring. Also, I kind of meticulous about this....getting the unit itself perfectly level and securing the device so it stayed level. But there...
  2. Xclimation

    2015 Super Tenere for sale $7500.00 (Sold)

    ST2 turn signal cancelling, smart brake module, Alt Rider Rear rack, Rumbux crash bars are off, Dash infill, madstad windshield bracket, winglets, D&S tool box, Mastec auxiliary lights (same exact as touratech) SW Motech tank bag
  3. Xclimation

    2015 Super Tenere for sale $7500.00 (Sold)

    Lowered price and removed some farkles
  4. Xclimation

    2015 Super Tenere for sale $7500.00 (Sold)

    Lowered the price to $9,000 USD also not listed I do have the side air deflectors. I get noticed I just had the valves done and manual cam chain tensioner added. So almost like getting a new bike and no worrying about the cam chain tensioner
  5. Xclimation

    2015 Super Tenere for sale $7500.00 (Sold)

    For Sale: 2015 Super Tenere non ES (her name is Ruby) 29,000 miles I am going to miss this bike. NEVER any problems runs great. I bought a KTM 1190 Adventure R just for a change is the reason for sale and I now have 4 bikes just cutting down. meticulously maintained have records and some...
  6. Xclimation

    New product: Ultimate Rectifier

    I'm in no way affiliated with this. Just wanting to put out the word to get more backers so the product comes to the market. I personally have never had a rectifier fail on me; but I'm for any product that can be more efficient and prevent a possible break down...
  7. Xclimation

    Thanks to Dirt_Dad...

    He must be....I followed his lead and advice....and he is willing to take the blame...:cool:
  8. Xclimation

    Thanks to Dirt_Dad...

    As the title reads...and other KTM Super Adventure 1290 and 1190 Adventure, etc. owners at Adv-fest in July....I bought yesterday a 2015 KTM 1190 Adventure R fully farkled. The dealio was too good to pass up on a low mileage (6042 miles) and like brand new.....Been keeping my eye out for the...
  9. Xclimation

    Steering head bearings

    That RockY mountain video was pretty good and showed me a couple of tricks despite having done this quite a few times on various bikes. But it did leave off the procedure and importance of aligning the forks. Also should have included the importance of torque specs.
  10. Xclimation

    Front Suspension - I keep blowing seals??

    There’s a good YouTube video call, “Ask Dave: motorcycle fork oil level”. I would post a link but I’m using an IPad and do not normally use this and not familiar with it….but this gentleman has several good videos about forks.
  11. Xclimation

    Front Suspension - I keep blowing seals??

    Might be using too much oil in the Forks. Do you make sure there are no air bubbles when doing final measurements
  12. Xclimation

    One of my most useful and valuable pieces of camping gear

    Got the sprayer for $1.88USD and the hose section for 3.00USD both from Walmart... The hose section measures 6 ft. and they sell it like that. But yes easy to make one. If one really wanted to save space, then they could use other tubing and using an adapter.
  13. Xclimation

    Those looking for Madstad...much cheaper

    I have Madstad that I bought from Madstad years ago...but this looks identical.
  14. Xclimation

    Time for a handlebar riser.

    If your interested...I have a RRR tool solutions riser for a Gen. 1 I'll sell you for $20 plus shipping.
  15. Xclimation

    Those looking for Madstad...much cheaper$5912832ffbf34e2c8a48ed9d4e1ae21f&ck=in_edm_other
  16. Xclimation

    Touring fully loaded?

    I don't ride 2 up on long trips. But on my trips solo... I weigh 170 lbs or so. I usually bring 130 lbs worth of camping gear. The weight is not so much the problem but the wind resistance from the Givi Outback Trekker panniers on each side. And I do ride over 80 mph for some long stretches...
  17. Xclimation

    You know you need and want this!!!,sc...
  18. Xclimation

    SOLD: Jesse 8" Odyssey II Side Cases + V Strom Mounts + Locking Quick Release Top Plate

    Is the V-storm they came off of for sale….? If yes, then I may be interested …. and then interested in the Brackets, Jesse Cases…
  19. Xclimation

    Not too bad is it? Another Italian bike...

    Very interesting! Here's another video in English: They're saying not available until Dec. 2023? Curiously about how capable off road. Weighs 475 lbs. not sure if that's dry or wet.
  20. Xclimation

    Ducati Desert X....has my attention!!!