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  1. AVGeek

    Thinking about a Super T.

    gv550 nailed it. However, having owned a Chevy S10 (and the GMC Sonoma variant that was the single biggest piece of crap I ever had the misfortune of owning), I cannot in good conscience besmirch the Super Tenere in that fashion...
  2. AVGeek

    FS SW Motech rear top rack with givi monokey adapter

    Hey Christian, please be sure to post up a pic or two of the actual item for sale. If you need help with posting pics, just let myself or Checkswrecks know.
  3. AVGeek

    Cruise Control Intermittent Problem

    There are a few threads in the Tech forum dealing with this already. Here is the longest one:
  4. AVGeek

    Hiedenau k60 scout

    I no longer have the bike, and didn't ride much after moving to BC. The one time I did try riding the power access road to cut the corner from the Nelson road into BC, I found a long stretch of deep sand that eventually forced me to turn around.
  5. AVGeek

    Hiedenau k60 scout

    The K60 was THE tire of choice here before Mitas made the E7 (original and Dakar, not the newer + version) more readily available. They are a bias ply tire, and wear like iron. For the desert southwest, they were an amazing 50/50 tire, and the only place I found their performance lacking was...
  6. AVGeek

    BMW GRAVEL BOOTS SZ 43 road boots sz 43 teknic sz 44 oxtar sz 39 zamberlan sz 44 danner sz 44

    As per the rules, please post a pic or two of the actual item for sale. If you need help with getting the pics posted, let myself ro Checkswrecks know and we will get you fixed up...
  7. AVGeek

    2017 ES | Have Bike; Will Farkle; Will Ride

    Try Highway 173 out of Silverlake, heading up to the Pinnacles. It eventually turns into Arrowhead Lake Road, a nice "Cadillac" dirt road (as an old ADV rider friend of mine would call it) and takes you all the way into Hesperia.
  8. AVGeek

    Stock Shock with 1100 pound spring

    Please be sure to post up a pic or two of the shock you have for sale as well...
  9. AVGeek

    Protection for my brand new super tenere

    Also, please be sure to give us a general idea of where in the world you are. Most of the members are US based, but we do have members from around the world, and including your location will help, since not all products are available everywhere.
  10. AVGeek

    The most precious commodity of all--patience

    LA traffic is why I have my motorcycle endorsement...for me the commute by bike was always more relaxing than by car. Yes, I had to deal with the idiots who have no business driving, but with time, it became second nature to anticipate what was going to happen ahead, and adjust accordingly.
  11. AVGeek

    Aux light wiring

    Quite a few threads here in the Electrical sub forum about aux light wiring, including where to order the pins, which is all you really need. Both halves of the connector come installed on the bike. A search on Light Wiring here should get you to the threads with the info...
  12. AVGeek

    Dealerships drive me nuts.

    Which Vegas dealer is that, so I can avoid them? I’m assuming their “inspection” is their own internal process...
  13. AVGeek

    Wiring in LEDs. Need a little guidance

    Yes, for a simple ON-OFF you only need 4 connectors.
  14. AVGeek

    Rear lights hidden behind panniers?

    Since the ones off to the sides are reflectors, I simply picked up some of the red and white reflective tape like truckers use for their trailers. Worked well on my panniers (not Bumots, but aluminum boxes nevertheless).
  15. AVGeek

    Trying to get back on two wheels

    While the Drill team was all on GW, I think I saw maybe one person come in on one for skills drills! LOL
  16. AVGeek

    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    That typically comes from handling bulbs with your bare hands. Before LED took over, it was a common practice with theatrical lighting use the wrapping the bulb came in when replacing it in the fixture. The oils from your hands transfer to the glass, and cause that section to heat up faster...
  17. AVGeek

    Trying to get back on two wheels

    Welcome aboard! If you need any help with the forum, please let myself for checks wrecks know. I lived in Phoenix for 6 years, and it was during that time thought I bought my ST, new, from a dealer in Texas. Ride Now was not open to price matching... Another resource for skills improvement...
  18. AVGeek


    Easy enough to merge them All in one spot now for ease of discussion.
  19. AVGeek

    Member Map Now Available

    Yours was the first one to pop up when I moved the map to WI.
  20. AVGeek

    Member Map Now Available

    I took a look and it worked fine on my end. Which browser and OS are you using?
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