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  1. Jlq1969

    Tips for cleaning windshield?

    I use windex in everything...what's more...before going to sleep, I drink a glass of windex, it unclogs all my arteries, and I have longer erections:):):) PD: it's a joke:)
  2. Jlq1969

    Tips for cleaning windshield?

    They already answered for me...but yes, and not just on the windshield...I cleaned the entire motorcycle with this, the synthetic leather of my vehicles, the dashboards too and practically everything at home I clean with this (I buy it in cans of 5 liters)…Only on the windshield, you have to...
  3. Jlq1969

    Coolant Change the easy way

    And what did you perceive when using Mocool?….
  4. Jlq1969

    The anything thread.

    Here, the Tenere 250 sold a has a good fuel capacity, but well...its power is limited. It can sustain a cruising speed of 60 mph, but it doesn't have much rest left. It is maneuverable, but it is easy to break something in a fall... It was a cheap motorcycle (until the arrival of the...
  5. Jlq1969

    Picking up new Ténéré on Saturday - question

    And you complain that they put it wrong...??:)
  6. Jlq1969

    Picking up new Ténéré on Saturday - question

    Notmally, what comes off the manufacturing line comes out well...the problem is usually the unpacking, and the subsequent assembly by “unknown” hands... In the box, the bike usually come without the front wheel, without the windshield, without the mirrors ….it may be that you find with a bad...
  7. Jlq1969

    ~TABASCO~ Doesn't everyone need just a little more BDR light ? !

    The lummens are important to calculate how much lighting you are going to have... but don't forget to calculate the watts of consumption... The alternator is not infinite... and if I remember correctly, Chckwrcks, in some post (I think the one from DDad with the burnt alternator of the 1290)...
  8. Jlq1969

    No rear brakes

    It does not matter that it is in ignition to bleed….with respect to the “interior” of the ABS module, yes…there are valves, sensors and selonoids…. Respect to the failure of the module, there are two types…1) without b rear brake and the pedal goes to the floor without braking...2) without rear...
  9. Jlq1969

    Clutch Engagement Point

    The clutch is “normal engaged”, the lever disengages it….but the slave cylinder is self-adjusting. As the friction discs wear out or the pressure plate gives way, the entire assembly loses “thickness”, which means that you need more travel to disengage and more travel for the clutch to engage…...
  10. Jlq1969

    Excessive play/movement in bar riser?

    And the #20?….it's tight??
  11. Jlq1969

    S10 Finally Discontinued?

    Clearly, Yamaha's Marketing Manager...doesn't understand how to attract potential buyers…
  12. Jlq1969

    Tuning with the Power Vision 3

    ruling out that the scales on the left axis are not the same (which makes the visual curve appear very very different)...if the descending curve at higher rpm in the second graph is a euro4 (that is, a evolution of the first curve with more brake at high rpm)... it could, perhaps be to avoid the...
  13. Jlq1969

    Valve adjustment - more lessons learned

    On a cam without a decompressor, it is fine to measure on the opposite side of the cam....but with a decompressor, you should measure as WJ says...otherwise, you may find yourself with a decompressor pressing the valve and giving you more clearance than the real one in one of the valves. exhaust
  14. Jlq1969

    V85TT for now

    Once you tasted the 160 HP…how easy would it be to make the decision to go back to a sufficient 100/115 HP?
  15. Jlq1969

    V85TT for now

    You are absolutely right about the HP..115 are enough.but Guzzi, just because it is called Guzzi, I don't think it sells much if not it offers something "different." If it had offered could compete with Thriumph, or Aprilia, or at least make a potential buyer doubt. I think the idea...
  16. Jlq1969

    V85TT for now

    Soon Cagiva will appear again...and DKW will surely follow:)
  17. Jlq1969

    V85TT for now

    In 2023, present a 1000cm3 adv…with 115Hp??….it is not clear to me which market segment they are targeting….compete with the Japanese ones?….or compete with the European Big Adv with, but with 115HP??
  18. Jlq1969

    V85TT for now

    I don't think it's easier to make wheelies with 115 HP in the Stelvio, than with 112 HP in the S10, which you said was not so easy.