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    Yeah, I don't know what all the results would be. What's the worst that could happen? With the pump running crack a bleeder and tell us all what happens. All the best.
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    you're all way ahead of me, nice discussion. So, has no one yet cracked a bleeder with the pump running?
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    @scott123007 : you're missing nothing. I did what I'm sure you did also, that is reading the book three times on different days, thinking about it for a while, then reading it again and falling asleep. The connector jumpering is part of a functional abs test. That's all. According to my book...
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    20K Maintenance

    found it, still available:
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    20K Maintenance

    Well, I might be wrong about that statement. I remember mine was downloaded free from Yamaha. Policies may have changed since then.
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    20K Maintenance

    The owners manual is available online for free download from Yamaha with no strings attached.
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    Creaky Clutch Pull

    You know the creak is not normal operation and points to a possible reduction in reliability at some point in time. Maybe soon, maybe a long time from now. You decide how important the fix is. On a Mazda car at 65k miles I once had to pull back the clutch slave cylinder boot and apply a spritz...
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    Yamaha Super Tenere rear wheel kit part number 90891-20309-00

    OldRider, thanks for the effort and update. Appreciate it.
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    Yamaha Super Tenere rear wheel kit part number 90891-20309-00

    Would anyone be kind enough to share a part number for the front wheel kit?
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    Fuel Tank Cap + Water Ingress

    Just how is water kept out of the fuel tank cap? It looks like water could run right down through the lock cylinder and into the tank, no? Anyone ever take the fuel tank cap completely apart? All the best.
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    ABS bleeding and failures

    This is a question, it is not advice, it is intended for the purpose of discussion only, has anyone ever loosened a caliper bleeder while the abs pump is running? All the best.
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    What Material is Used in the Tenere's OEM Front and Rear Brake Pads?

    I purchased this 2013 big white beast in August of 2016 with 1190 miles. It's not my only MC. This past weekend July-30-2023, 22K miles, I had this buzz. I knew I needed tires and expected those to be the buzz kill. Replaced tires. No joy. The front rotors and pads are hardly wearing. I do use...
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    Looking for comm units with earbuds/earphones

    Yep, straightforward standard plugin with the Packtalk. I just clamp the Cardo jack against the edge of the helmet under the standard Cardo plastic bracket. Pic attached for the thousand word explanation. I use the same earphones for other applications and disconnecting this configuration is...
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    Bittersweet day in the motorcycle business

    Retirement: Finally a job I'm suited for. It doesn't get much better. The only thing I miss is paid holidays. You'll see.
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    Tuktoyaktuk Northwest Territory second attempt

    I feel for the rider that crashed. Soldier on, you magnificent bastard. With all my admiration (and significant jealousy). AntrimMan stuck in Rhode Island.
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    Wireless Charging

    wireless charging is, all things considered, more or less 50% efficient. Not the most environmentally conscious route to device charging agreed, but It does provide a rainproof method to charge a compatible device. Using wireless charging can make connection fatigue and cable management problems...
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    4th Gear resonance ???

    yeah, tyres, that is the most likely cause of harmonics. If you could present a convincing argument to the dealer perhaps they would exchange the wheels on a trial basis. If it is driving you crazy might it be worth changing the tyres for sanity's sake? I had the same harmonics experience until...
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    Givi Outback trekker mounting hardware issue

    Bad luck losing one but that means you still have one. Use the one you have to define the requirement or to match up with what is available at a local hardware store. The spring doesn't need to exert much down force, it just needs enough to resist moving against momentum and provide enough down...
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    Connecticut alternative Camping

    ahh, good man. My initial investigation reveals dated information but wait, it's early yet. I like this concept and it's possible I could reciprocate after some chainsaw and tractor work. Thanks.
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    Connecticut alternative Camping

    Plan A: Image for a minute there were two law abiding adults intending to moto tent camp one night overnight in Kent Connecticut at a state park, perfectly willing to pay the required rate and live by the rules, etc. Sorry no sites available as luck would have it. Now imagine all this was...