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  1. Bmwdumptruck

    Trailering a ES Tenere?

    If the trailer has a suitable bar under the front wheel strap the front axle both sides. Never the bars.
  2. Bmwdumptruck

    UK to Greece ride May 2022.

    It wasn’t out of choice:), the weekend started out ok, but temps plummeted so we just carried on, but where salt had kept the main roads passable, the gritters don’t venture up those lanes!! We’re stopping up at Brynteg for the week over Easter. Same as we did last year. Decided there’s plenty...
  3. Bmwdumptruck

    UK to Greece ride May 2022.

    We’re up there next week, stopping a few miles away, but I’m there for a day at MickExtance offroad school and won’t have time to go anywhere else. But we are then up on Angelsey for a week. Tried to do that road north to Bala from the lake a few years back, but it was wayto icy.
  4. Bmwdumptruck

    2023 UK Meetup??

    Ok you UK Tenerists, any thoughts/interest in a uk get together of Tenere’s? So I know there’s quite a few welsh owners, and a few in that there London. A few round me, Bedford ish. So my first thoughts are Cotswolds area? But…….When?
  5. Bmwdumptruck

    The anything thread.

    I'd forgotten about this. Mate took a pic of me trying an S10 at the MotoGP at silverstone back in about 2012. Little did I know....
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    Arrow silencer (UK sale)

    No worries, I’ve not advertised it anywhere else as yet.
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    East of England Garage Recommendations

    How’d you get on?
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    Arrow silencer (UK sale)

    Few more pics
  9. Bmwdumptruck

    Arrow silencer (UK sale)

    The wife bought me this last year to try, but I’ve decided I prefer the standard, it’s just a bit too loud for my old eardrums. I’ve never really been an aftermarket exhaust guy, I even went back to standard on my Bandit….. So just looking to get her money back. It’s not new, was SH when we...
  10. Bmwdumptruck

    Hard panniers breaking

    Wow, in pretty much 25 years back on bikes, most of which I’ve been a regular on bike forums, particularly UKGSER(for20yrs), I’ve never heard of a single issue of this. And yet, the thoery is a fair one, and in theory one that could affect any bike with panniers fitted. My initial thoughts are...
  11. Bmwdumptruck

    Discontinuation of the S10?

    Yes I noticed recently that the latest models now come with exciting Biege graphics in place of the yellow ones of the last couple of years. Is this the only change? So either my theory is bollocks or they’re holding back adding the graphics until they’re shipped out. Don’t know about the...
  12. Bmwdumptruck

    New GS!!

    Omg, this is doing the rounds as an image of the next GS. Omg, I honestly didn’t think they could make it any uglier than the current version….
  13. Bmwdumptruck

    The description made me smile - 170000 mile S10 on ebay

    So can anyone in the uk better that mileage. Think its the highest I’ve heard of. My mate Charlie has 70+ on his 16 plate, and even though he’s bought a KTM he still seems to prefer the S10. KTM needs a big service and he’s held off cos of the cost of it.
  14. Bmwdumptruck

    What tyres does your S10 wear?

    I,m onto my second rear, fronts still looking good after nearly 10k, and still gripping and tipping in much the same. Its looking like it‘ll last ok. They do tip in real easy though, nearly fell off first bend after fitting them in place of the crappy OE B’stones. I’ve a set of Tourances...
  15. Bmwdumptruck

    Stock Parts | Keep or dispose

    Another that keeps everything with the aim that it goes back on to sell and the accessories get sold seperately unless I’m upgrading to a newer model that can use the same accessories. The Givi Airflow screen cam in a decent sized box so so far everything thats come off has gone inside that.
  16. Bmwdumptruck

    Garmin 396 LMT-S
  17. Bmwdumptruck

    Garmin 396 LMT-S

    This ……. Spot on. Why wouldn’t you when yamaha have provided such a simple solution? Wish my other bikes had it.
  18. Bmwdumptruck

    New member in UK

    Crash bars finally fitted. pretty pleased with them, I didn’t want full scaffolding. One slight concern is the kit didn’t include longer bolts for the front engine mounts and I’m not happy there’s enough threads going into the block now. So Tuesday I’ll pop one back out and see if a mate can...
  19. Bmwdumptruck

    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    Pass here on one of my regular routes that goes from Mid beds via Bury st Edmunds and Thetford, out the back of Lakenheath village to Ely, StIves and back to Mid beds. Never bothered to stop for a pic though:rolleyes:
  20. Bmwdumptruck

    2022 Miles, Best and Worst

    1. Just over 7000miles for the year on the XT. About another 2500/3000 across the Pan/FJR/GS. 2. Best was probably trip to Valencia last month. Cracking ride through France, dropped her in the snow over the Pyrenees, down to Valencia and back. 3. Worst was a local club ride led by a less...