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  1. HomeOfTheWhopper

    Givi Monokey SR371 Top Case Mount (for Yammie 2010-2022) for Sale / NEW!!! $85 OBO

    Merry Christmas to someone! I purchased a Monokey version...but I have a Monolock case. Then I didn't install it for months, and I couldn't return it to Revzilla. I literally installed it, realized it wasn't right, and took it off...hasn't been used other than install. Here's the info: Givi...
  2. HomeOfTheWhopper


    Thanks all! Glad to be here. JourneyMan, I've had my ST for 9 years...not a new motorcycle! But I've been slowly upgrading bits and pieces of it, like we all do, until I finally get the urge to buy something new ha! I have a feeling this one might be around for a very long time though.
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    we're just suppose to say hi for the security checkup? Weird, but hi.