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  1. RCinNC

    GPS &/or Phone App

    Colorado was awesome riding country. I couldn't count the number of times I pulled off the road just to gawk at the scenery. Phantom Canyon Rd was spectacular; I felt like I was riding a horse in a western.
  2. RCinNC

    GPS &/or Phone App

    There was a follow up article about the Maxca Xplay on ADV Rider for those that are interested:
  3. RCinNC

    Tracer 9 GT+

    I'm not jumping to any conclusions; I like the Tracer, and it's on the list as a replacement for the S10 when that time comes (though I hate going back to a chain). My Spanish is far too rusty to be able to translate what the rider in the video is saying about how it occurred.
  4. RCinNC

    New GS!!

    I think BMW's design team has been watching a little too much anime....that looks like something they'd ride in the Macross universe. And it would appear that the inspiration for the beak was a pre-rhinoplasty Jennifer Grey. On the plus side, at least they didn't use the headlight cluster from...
  5. RCinNC

    GPS windshield crossbar mount suggestions?

    I recently got a Zumo XT, and it's kind of a beefy unit. I wanted a mount that would really grab the accessory rail without putting all the pressure in one single spot. The mount that came with the unit only had a single u-bolt style mount, and the u-bolt is way bigger than it needed to be for...
  6. RCinNC

    Wheel bearing and seal replacement?

    The non drive side on mine was the one that failed also. I'd say that checking the bearings is another good reason to change your own tires ( or at least, remove them yourself to take to the shop). It gives me a chance about 3-4 times a year to actually rotate the bearings manually and see...
  7. RCinNC

    Wheel bearing and seal replacement?

    I knew I must have been looking at that diagram wrong. After Gerard's post I went back and looked again, and yeah, the "new" icon is only pointing at the seal and not the wheel bearing. I checked my records and found that I'd personally changed 12 front tires and 20 rear tires, and I've...
  8. RCinNC

    Wheel bearing and seal replacement?

    I'm not, as a rule, a "screw the service manual" sort of guy, but I would never replace a wheel bearing and seal unless the wheel bearing had gone bad. I definitely wouldn't pre-emptively replace a wheel bearing at 15,000 miles. I hate to admit it, but my 2014 has 95,000 miles on it, and that...
  9. RCinNC

    GPS &/or Phone App

    That must be a regional thing. After I read your post I checked on my Zumo XT for a lot of my favorite dirt and gravel roads here in the county I live, and they're all there including the OHV trails in the national forest near me. Some of those OHV trails don't even show up on Google Maps.
  10. RCinNC

    GPS &/or Phone App

    I looked it up online too out of curiosity. Adv Rider had a brief article about it here:
  11. RCinNC

    GPS &/or Phone App

    I agree 100%, Dirt Dad. I got a Zumo XT as a birthday gift (I doubt I'd ever have bought one myself). I've used a combination of a Nuvi and cell phone navigation apps for years, but have always been disappointed with the limitations of the cell phones that you noted, along with navigation apps...
  12. RCinNC

    ISO Pannier rack and soft bag

    Happy Trail makes a very robust rack; I've used them for over 100,000 miles at this point with no issues. They also sell a mounting kit that you can use to attach panniers. The racks are pretty easy to adapt to different types of luggage. I have both hard and soft cases for my Super Tenere...
  13. RCinNC

    GPS &/or Phone App

    I've found the maps used by Rever to be pretty comprehensive when it came to listing dirt/gravel/forest roads in the part of North Carolina that I reside in. The Butler Maps feature on the app has a category that identifies dirt roads. There's a website called Gravelmap (
  14. RCinNC

    Issues downshifting with 2012 Gen I model Super Tenere

    If I just bought a ten year old bike and was experiencing an issue like this, I'd probably be looking at changing the clutch fluid. The symptoms you describe can be attributed to a dry pivot shaft for the shift lever, but it might also be an issue with the clutch slave cylinder not operating...
  15. RCinNC

    Throttle Body Vacuum Plug

    I measured a new one that I have in my spare parts box. The internal diameter of the cap is 3.61 mm (.142"). The nearest fractional equivalent for the ID is 9/64". The outer diameter of the cap is 7.5 mm (.2955"). The wall thickness is 1.23 mm (.0485"). The overall length of the cap is...
  16. RCinNC

    New info for folks that use the Mobil-1 oil filters !

    I've bounced between Mobil M1-108, Wix 51358, Mahle OC 575 and Bosch Steeltech ST3300 for almost the entire 95,000 mile life on my 2014. Wix and Mobil are almost always available at auto parts stores, and I usually buy the Mahle filtes when the price is good on Amazon. I've had a smattering of...
  17. RCinNC

    rear wheel truing

    I had my rear wheel re-trued a few years ago by a Yamaha shop. While I didn't watch the actual procedure, I've trued a lot of bicycle wheels, and I don't see why the procedure would be any different. The band around the inside of the wheel isn't a separate part of the wheel; if you apply force...
  18. RCinNC

    Stock Parts | Keep or dispose

    I've kept all of mine. When I traded my V-Strom, I took all the accessories off and sold them separately, and put the OEM parts back. Right now I have a box in my garage with the original luggage rack, side crash protectors, etc from the Super Tenere. It seems unlikely that I'd trade in my...
  19. RCinNC

    Locktite on coil's thread....

    I'll dogpile on too...I don't recall if it was there way back when I first changed my spark plugs, but I've never put any on. Out of curiosity I looked in the service manual and it does specify Loctite on the ignition coil bolts (though it didn't say what specific kind), along with 7.2 ft/lbs...
  20. RCinNC

    Rear shock spring

    I had my rear spring replaced. I didn't do it myself though; I sent the rear shock to Norwest Suspension, who replaced the stock spring with a heavier one and also rebuilt the shock. I did do a spring-only replacement years ago when I had a V-Strom. I had that done by a company called Cogent...