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  1. VRODE

    Well, I got it over with

    BTDT. I'd tell you the stories but it would pain me to relive them. I like to think I've learned something from them. We'll see.
  2. VRODE

    Unobservent coworker

    If I had a dollar for every time someone found out I had a motorcycle and asked..."A Harley?"..........
  3. VRODE

    New owner of a '16 ES and a long time member

    Yup. A few of us spent a week in the area. Indian River was our base, but we got a lot of decent riding in and around the UP.
  4. VRODE

    2015 Super T ES - Mods for new guy

    I like the stock sound but whatever floats your boat Flash? I had very excellent results going this way As for bar risers and K&N filters, I'm sure there are varying opinions Search is your friend.....
  5. VRODE

    Unobservent coworker

    It's got two wheels, a windshield, headlights and a gas tank. Hell, it's identical!!
  6. VRODE

    dry box luggage rack???

    I think I'm going this route too. I'm thinking Tusk panniers (the med ones) with the SW Motech quik racks. I like the idea of lockable hard storage on long trips.
  7. VRODE

    SW Quik release racks question

    Will the SW Quik release racks fit any model (ES /non ES). Can they be made to fit with a little modding?
  8. VRODE

    Sold SW Motech EVO quick release luggage racks

    Will these SW racks fit a Gen2 w/ES?
  9. VRODE

    OEM crash bars: add ons mounts to protect fairings?

    They work. Two minor tip overs, no damage.
  10. VRODE

    are these problems cured in II generation of ST?

    Yeah, it’s almost as bad as designing a motor with the heads exposed and laying in front of your shins. SMH
  11. VRODE

    Anyone else had enough winter?

    Some squallsaround. Gonna be in the teens the next 2 days. Next week starting into the hi 30’s-40’s. Spring is coming.
  12. VRODE

    very bad design on kick stand

    My 2016 ES feels the same way. Ok on level ground, but I would like a few more degrees of lean. I'm guessing if I bump up the preload it won't be as much of an issue.
  13. VRODE

    Engine Braking

  14. VRODE

    Engine Braking

    After coming off an in-line four, it was a totally different engine characteristic. Rolling off the throttle in S mode felt like I threw out an anchor. I was only using my brakes to stop. I found I was using the throttle to control acceleration and most deceleration. Doable but I found it...
  15. VRODE


    I'm pretty confident I can do 220ish at 70-75 mph (with no substantial headwind). But I don't tend to push it. I'm usually looking for gas when I hit 200.
  16. VRODE

    "New" "16 Super Ten

    I checked mine at 500 miles. About 3 were loose in the rear wheel (not rattle-y loose, just not tight to spec), 2 in front. Checked them at 1000 miles...1 was not up to spec in the rear. At 1500 miles, all were ok. Now I check them every oil change. No problems so far (16K).
  17. VRODE

    "New" "16 Super Ten

    From a fellow '16 owner....Engine/final drive oil change. Ride bike. Enjoy!
  18. VRODE

    Buying a new 2018

    Exactly what I use mine for. My first additions were crashbars, skidplate (oem) and a fender extender. I didn't need the most robust of crash stuff and the oem skidplate is really a gravel guard, but it works for my needs.
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