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    New owner and new member

    Welcome from West Yorkshire, you are based in the perfect location with the North Yorkshire moors on your door step. Enjoy your new bike
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    Is there going to be a UK meet this year anybody thought about it.

    Unfortunately June is bad timing for me as I will be in Greece :-(
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    side wings deflectors

    I just fitted a pair of these to my bike yesterday. Bought from slipscreens through eBay and I went for the tinted/smoked set as I read about possible glare from the sun. Not tried the bike yet but hope to give it a run in the next week or so. I just needed some longer bolts as I have the screen...
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    Noob question - what is this hole for and should it be covered?

    Thank you for the quick reply Garry, just looked odd when I saw it and thought there was something missing :eek:. I will stop looking now :p Cheers Richard
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    Noob question - what is this hole for and should it be covered?

    Just got back from a good ride out and checking bike over before it's out back in the garage. I notice this hole in the casing, is it a breather hole? Seems the perfect location for water to get in. Thanks for looking Richard
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    Screen fixings

    Cheers Dogdaze, both fasteners on one side have completely split making it more difficult (frustrating) to fit. Fingers crossed the screen won't be off again now for a while now but i spent ages in garage today trying to find little rubber end that fell on the floor. Only to find it was perched...
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    Screen fixings

    Posted elsewhere that I have just fitted the touratech locking Sat Nav and off set bracket, not sure I like the agricultural look from the front so just added the sticker. Ha, still not sure I'm happy with it yet :p The problem I'm having is every time the screen is off the fixings are...
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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Finally got round to swapping the normal ram mount for the touratech locking mount + off set mount. It fits nice and secure and lifts the sat nav enough so not to block the indicator warning lights. Not sure I like the view from the front now with all the metal work, obviously the satnav is...
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    HELP - winglet fitting

    Cheers for the replies chaps, contacted seller and all sorted Thank you Richard
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    HELP - winglet fitting

    Cheers for the quick reply, I've just bought these and told they were from a 2014 bike??
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    HELP - winglet fitting

    Just fitting (trying to fit) winglets to a 2014 tenere. Following the instructions I believe this is the correct way to fit them. The problem is the screen can now only be used in the top two positions. The winglet is now in the way so the screen bracket can't slide down any further. Where have...
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    Installing a satnav.

    Gigitt, where did you get off set mount please? ALL SORTED, FOUND THE BRACKET AND ORDERED :p Richard
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    Prospective new Tenere owner here...

    Evening and welcome Rob. I made the decision and bought a super tenere last week. I've only put 300 miles on it so far but plenty more to come.
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    Yamaha touring screen

    Thank you for all the comments, I think I will be on the lookout for a secondhand touring screen then poss a spoiler/wing for the top.
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    Yamaha touring screen

    Mine is a 2014 tenere, will also look into the wind deflectors, just don't want to spend a fortune on different screens to find the right on :p
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    Yamaha touring screen

    Can anyone please tell me the size difference from standard to touring screen. I've tried search with little success. I have standard fitted and out in rain yesterday it was my arms and shoulders taking the brunt of the weather. I know everyone is different but I'm 6 foot and have screen on...
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    First real ride out on new bike

    That sounds a fantastic trip. I've never ridden abroad but hopefully someday I will get across there. Enjoy your trip and plenty of pictures on here please :D
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    First real ride out on new bike

    Apart from a 50 odd mile ride when I picked up my new (to me) bike, today was the first time do had the chance to go out for a good ride. I set off from Leeds and headed over to Whitby, it's always a good run once off the A64. Going up over the tops the heavens opened and rained solid until I...
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    Free motorcycle Ebook in .pdf format

    Thank you Albert. Book downloaded and will have a read when I get a bit of time Cheers Richard
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    New member

    Hello and welcome from another fairly new member with a new (to me) super ten
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