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    WTB - Rear Shock - Shock has been found

    Looking for a stock used rear shock for a 2012 - 2018 Super Tenere - non ES model. Mine is weeping and want a "fresh" one on the shelf in case mine decides to cough up a lung. Please PM me if you have one available. Thanks.
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    Props to Nolan

    OK. So it's May 2014 and time for a new helmet. My 7 year old Arai Profile is getting a little long in the tooth. So after much hunting, I settle on my first modular helmet, a Nolan N-104. Fast forward to 3 weeks ago. Mu buddy and I are on a 2,500 mile trip doing some of the AZBDR...
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    One way to get cagers out of your way...

    Might have to beef up the front forks a bit, though.
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    IMS Tickets on sale this weekend

    If interested in attending an upcoming IMS, I got an email saying adult, 1 day tickets are 30% off this weekend (8/8 - 8/10).
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    Rear Brake Reservior

    This has probably been posted a dozen times, but I'm gonna do it again. While others pointed it out to me (I'm too daft to figure it out myself), it is rather apparent that the rear brake reservoir is fairly exposed to rocks being thrown from the rear tire. So, I took a simple bit of aluminum...
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    Adventure Riders International

    In case someone is interested, below is an email I received this morning from ARI. They are an off road riding school based out of Canada that puts on classes at various spots around the US. Myself and TallGears took a couple of classes last summer (or was it 2 summers ago?) in south TX...
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    Nolan N-104 Face Shield

    For sale - I clear face shield for a Nolan N-104, size large. From what I can see, it's perfect. No scratches. Also includes the matching Pinlock. Works great on those chilly mornings when your shield otherwise would fog up. Retail for the 2 together is about $75. Let's say $40 shipped CONUS.
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    Screaming deal on camera

    Thought I'd pass along this Woot link for a GoPro knock off at a great price. Offer only good for today.
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    Stadium Yamaha Special Offer

    Just received this email from Stadium Yamaha in Dallas. Thought I'd pass along... Now through 02/04/14. Get your ride ready for the beginning of riding season at Take an extra 10% off our already lowest prices on your next order with coupon code ENDINSIGHT. You will be...
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    Big Tex Rally

    I rode this rally last year and had a ball. Can't wait to do it again. It was my first rally, so really didn't know what to expect. If you are new to rallying, the clinic they offer is outstanding - very helpful. I learned a great deal. Anyway, if you're interested...
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    Ethanol Fuel Standards

    For once, the EPA is actually doing something beneficial to society. They are proposing an easing to ethanol standards in gasoline. As most are aware, ethanol is harmful long term to motorcycle engines (as well as any engine designed to run on straight gasoline - lawnmowers/chainsaws/etc.)...
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    For Sale - "Not So Gently Used" Altrider SKid Plate ** SOLD **

    The under side pics give evidence of how well this skid plate protected my precious bits in Colorado. I have (finally) dropped the coin on a Jaxon special, so no longer need this one. Should be ready next week. Can't wait! ::012:: If you look at the pic of the back cross member, you will...
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    2013 - 2014 IMS dates announced

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    Pelican Case

    I recently ordered a Pelican 1400 to use as a top box. Because I didn't want all the foam inserts (just the box, maam), I ordered direct from CPD Industries. CPD ships via FedEx Ground and they require a signature. After the first failed delivery attempt, I left a note on the door with my...
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    LAAM Custom Seats

    Seth Laam broke away from Bill Mayer to start his own shop. My brother has been talking with him about building a custom seat for his KLR. In addition to being a nice guy, the seat would only cost about $250 - not bad for a custom seat. It might cost more for the S10, but at least there is...
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    FS - 2008 BMW R1200R

    My father is trying to help settle the estate of his friend and one item is this beautiful Beemer. This machine has 34,000 miles on it. There is plenty of rubber left on the tires (can't say how much exactly). Extras include engine guards, throttle lcok, BMW hard cases and a touring...
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    Gotta love Jesse!

    A couple weeks ago, I camped off the bike and removed my Jesse Bags for riding around. When I remounted the panniers, I did not tighten down the one on the right. On my way out of the park, it fell out of the mount and went bouncing down the gravel road. ::010:: Structurally, the bag was...
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    DFW - Spare Keys

    OK - this won't mean anything to most of you, but there are a few of us in North Texas that might find this beneficial. I tried to get spare keys cut at a couple different places, but no one carries blanks for motorcycles. Jabo's Ace Hardware in Keller, TX didn't have them either, but at...
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    2013 Dallas IMS Schedule??

    The IMS stops at Dallas every year and could have sworn it used to be in January. I missed the 2012 show cuz someone moved it to November without my approval. It was December before I realized I was a month behind the times. So I tried to dig around to find the dates for the 2013 show, but no...
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    ** SOLD ** Set of Hippo Hands

    I purchased this set of Hippo Hands for my Versys (with hand guards) a couple of years ago. When I got the S10, I went the heated gear route so no need for these guys any more. The Versys had heated grips, but the backs of my hands and thumb still froze. With Hippo Hands installed, I could...
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