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    Clutch basket upgrade parts?

    Hi. I'm looking at doing the clutch basket upgrade soon. Is there anything else i need other than the new basket (primary gear) and new clutch cover gasket? Or that would be good to replace while open?
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    40K mile valve check

    Hello everyone. I have a new to me 2013 Sup10. Bike runs great. Valves were checked and in spec at around 15K miles. Bike is at the shop now for valve adjustment as the bike has 40K miles currently. Service guy i talked to on the phone said he thought the tech said the valves were good and...
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    CCT updated? How to tell

    Hi all. Is there an easy way to tell if the cam chain tensioner on my 13 Sup10 has been updated to the newer version? Like markings on it or something?
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    Run bike with gas tank tilted up?

    Is it okay to run the bike with the gas tank tilted up? Any tilt sensors in the fuel pump? Also got a check engine light intermittently while doing the throttle body sync. Did i throw off the vacuum sensor while I had my instrument hooked up? It's a homeade manometer. Ran fine when i took it...
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    Washer location on brake pedal?

    I took the rear break pedal off to grease the pivot and didn't see where the washer that fell out came from. Does it go between the pedal and the frame, or on the inside of the frame by the safety clip through the bolt thread? I put it between the pedal and frame as that seemed like where it...
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    Is rear shock serviceable/rebuildable?

    Is the rear shock on my 13 S10 rebuildable? Is there a shop people send them out to? I'm guessing I'd probably be better off just buying a lightly used shock when the time comes? Or maybe I'll end up going aftermarket.
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    WTB Grab bars for 13 S10

    I'm looking for a used set of rear grab handles for a 13 S10. Need the bolts to mount them as well. I'm in SW Michigan.
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    WTB panniers and mounts for 13 S10

    Hello all. I'm looking for a good set of used bags or panniers that come with mounting hardware. I'd be interested in a good top box with hardware too. I live in SW Michigan.
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    Hi from SW Michigan

    Hello everyone. Recently picked up a new to me 2013 S10 in white. Has some nice goodies on it. I think I'm going to like this bike way more than I thought I would. Looking forward to getting offroad again. Also have a 14 FZ-09 in the garage.