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    Old lost dog back for a bit

    Howdy, boys. I've been gone a while. Couple of you noticed, most didn't .... including my wife. I see there are about 8,000 messages for me. I'm really sorry for not getting back. I haven't checked in for quite a while. We just recently moved about 140 miles UP the Alaska Highway. We...
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    On the way up there .......

    When you get to Prince George, B. C., you have a choice. You can continue on via the Alaska Highway, or you can head due west on Highway 16 (the Yellowhead) and just past Hazelton you can head north on the Stewart-Cassair Highway (Highway 37). This all paved (except for one mile) road is in...
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    Bidding you all a fond farewell ......

    Due to my advancing years (I am now well into Codger-dom), and primarily due to the fact that my wife has expressed an interest in riding with me, about a week ago I purchased a brand new 2017 Honda Gold Wing. Yep. And a handsome beast he is. And, we have been blessed with some semi-decent...
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    Has anyone heard from Chris (Venture) ? I emailed him last Christmas but never heard back from him. Is he still around? Doing good? Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks. R
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    Ho Ho Ho

    ODE to US (A Tenere {and other} Riders' Christmas Poem .... sort of) Well, it's once again Christmas And I'm at least a year older The days seem much shorter And the winters much colder My bike went to bed About three months ago He's tucked away safely From the bitter cold snow I surely do...
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    Pearl Harbor

    Not many of those old boys around anymore. But it will always be worth remembering. 74 years now, I think. Anyway, let's not forget. Go hug a veteran today. And let's be careful out there. R ::020::
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    Veterans' Day / Remembrance Day

    Be extra nice to a veteran today. ::008:: R
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    Oil life ....

    Howdy, boys. I have a question for all you slippery types out there ... uh, Oil-inclined I should say. Every year I change the engine oil and gear oil in the bike just as I put him to sleep for the long, cold winter. This year, due to numerous circumstances (crappy weather being at the...
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    Cookin' .......

    You boys better head north. It hit 80 °F here yesterday, and more to come. It's "get nekked" time ..... R ::003::
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    Happy New Year's >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Happy New Year's Eve eve eve eve ……… R ::008::
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    There is some info on this here, and I did a search. I don't care about brands at this point. What I'm interested in is if any of you have found that you sleep more comfortably in a hammock than on a pad/mattress/whatever on the ground. I have some serious back problems when I sleep flat...
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    An Old Canadian Codger Biker's Christmas Wish .......

    AN OLD CANADIAN CODGER BIKER’S CHRISTMAS WISH (I’m not a baritone …. I’m a tenor .. eh?) Well, once again it's Christmas Another year has hurried by I'm for sure a little older But I'm not a wiser guy I now put hand to keyboard To cyber-speak to you A digital commemorance To the Tenerator...
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    Take a Moment …...

    Good day, all … please take a moment and a tip of the hat in remembrance of Pearl Harbor …. 73 years ago. A lot of good men and women suffered a savage and brutal attack from an enemy they didn't even know they had. Go hug a veteran ….. Hope you're all doing well. R. ::008::
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    Good Riding Weather

    Minus 25 here this morning. BOO-YAH !!! Just sayin' …. Send money . R ::014:: ::008:: ::012::
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    Just Sayin' .......

    PSHAW !!!!!
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    Take A Moment …..

    9/11. Wow … 13 years now. I was on the Yukon River doing salmon counts, when a giant jetliner circled Whitehorse, accompanied by two U. S. fighter jets. They thought there was a hijacking in progress, but turned out to be a language miscommunication. We didn't know until much later what...
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    MOVED: Rider Down

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    Packin' 'er up.

    Howdy boys and gals. I've decided to terminate my tenure as a moderator here on the Forum. Couple of reasons …. one is that it costs a lot of money for me to use the Internet. Seriously. Sometimes my monthly bill is 200 bucks, and I'm a very conservative user. Another reason is that I...
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    MOVED: OEM luggage question

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    MOVED: Don't Shred me but an Unleashed ?

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