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  1. SuperTen

    Bike won't start

    I'm currently in Villavieja on the edge of the Tatacoa desert in Colombia. No problems until now. Fill the tank last night with Premium (Extra in Colombia) before arriving in Villavieja. Bike was parked all night and this morning started fine at first try. Went about 2 miles and stopped for...
  2. SuperTen

    Yukon Rally and Alaska Adventure

    Well, I'm done with my Alaska trip ;D 12901 miles, 34 days on the road, two rear tires, one front tire 3 oil changes, temporary oil leak on the front forks, lots of gas, good day averages of 47/48mpg, really bad day averages included 38mpg towards Dawson Creek and the worst ever traveling...
  3. SuperTen

    Member Introduction - Super Ten from Jackson, NJ

    Hi!! A happy new Super Ten (on order ::)) adventurer from Jackson, NJ ;D