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    luggage rack

    There’s some write up with install and comparison photos on the Altrider rack in the mods database. Click the link below.;sa=showEntry;entryId=40;cat=1 The plastic factory rack is not supported in the middle or rear; just two bolts to...
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    Throttle Tamer Users?

    I put a Tamer on my 2006 Yamaha FZ6, which is about as light-switch a throttle as I’ve ever had on a motorcycle. Here’s a link to my installation and review on my blog…CLICK. It might be helpful. The Tamer made quite a bit of difference on the Fazer, mostly positive. If it operates like the...
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    favourite pic of your bike:-)

    Looks like blue needs some representation here. ;D
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    favourite pic of your bike:-)

    Wow! This one should be January in the calendar. ::008::
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    My run up the Dalton started like this weather-wise. Then the rain clouds came out of nowhere, bringing new meaning to "Oh Shit!" Corner.... the road turned to this in short order. Then it turned back to this just as quick... ...but not before my motorcycle looked like this...
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    Yes…and when you follow Troll, you wind up in places like this. :o
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    We had 'em cornered. :D
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    Welcome! :)
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    Florida Check-In

    Done! If I missed anyone else while on the trip, let me know...
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    Welcome aboard! :)
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    Hello! New Member from VA

    Welcome aboard Nimbus! :)
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    Pheeew…finally made it back to Tampa late yesterday morning after 36 days on the road. I cut a few things out of the back end of the trip that I wanted to do because I was simply beat after spending a couple days in Moab and booked it on home. Overall though, the trip covered just over 12,000...
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    Link to Spot2 for "TWITCH" (Bill)

    Thank you Jan! I only made it as far as Blackfoot yesterday due to some bad lightning storms that came after Idaho Falls. I'm headed down to Moab and, if not for those storms, would have made it yesterday evening. All is really going great and I'm having an awesome time. I did blow both fork...
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    You can add me to the fork seals list...both of 'em. I didn't get boots as I'd wanted but I took good care (best I could anyway) of the forks up and back on the Dalton Friday-Sunday as advised (treacherous road btw). They seemed fine and then on the 500 miles from Fairbanks to Haines Junction...
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    1st North American Super Tenere gathering - Whitehorse,Yukon Ca - July 1-5, 2012

    A few more photos I had developed today… Colorider Bappo RockyDS and wife Jenny Rick and wife (Rick is the head mechanic at Yukon Yamaha) jim a Rem Troll digitalmoto Torque6988 DougC BWC phplemel…and the Law. Andrew Dang long lines at...
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    Troll's spot, active daily during the Rally

    Surprise Lake Road...aptly named. I didn't see any lake up there, but I sure was surprised how gnarly it was. :) Ryan doin’ a little exploratory… ^Is that photo cool or what. 8)
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    Troll's spot, active daily during the Rally

    Here's one of Troll to hold you over. :)
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    New Member from S. Africa

    Congrats and welcome to the forum! :)
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    Iron Butt - SaddleSore 1000

    Congrats on the Iron Butt! ::012:: I agree that those hand guards could use a little help. I've been thinking about just that the last couple days up here in NW-Canada. I think I saw someone in here did a nice job riveting some flaps on the top of the guards.
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    Not so new Tenere owner

    Welcome aboard Superbeast! :)