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  1. MotorcopBBQ

    Shoei DS HORNET

    I need a new brain bucket. I am looking at the Shoei DS HORNET and the Shoei Qwest. I know two different styles of helmets. My questions about the DS Hornet are. Is it comfortable at hwy speed. My commute to work is 55mph so....60 average. With the front "Bill" is there a lot of buffering. Also...
  2. MotorcopBBQ

    Cee Bailey Wind Wings Review

    Yes, they had final arrived at my door step. My new Cee Bailey *Large* windshield and Wind Wings. So far the product is great! Last nigh was my first night with the new windshield and wings. It is a major improvement from the stock screen, as you all know. There isn't any buffering at all in...
  3. MotorcopBBQ


    Greetings everyone, I’ve been very busy lately, with the selling of my beloved Harley Davidson. To the new purchase of my wife’s new sweet ride- Mini Van. The sun has finally shined on this dog. Today I bought a Tenere!!!!!!! Finally after months of waiting, and hoping the bike would be here...
  4. MotorcopBBQ

    Down and possibly out

    Well like everyone here, Great news is spreading around the forum about S10 finally getting here. Well not for this guy. I got a call from the dealership that I’ve been bothering and he’s getting the blue s10 that he ordered next week. I didn’t put money down because I still need to sell my...
  5. MotorcopBBQ

    Wisconsin Demo Days

    Well boys, tomorrow is the big day. I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight. Tomorrow morning I'm driving with the family to ride this motorcycle that I, well all of us have been waiting for. I’ll finally know what its like to ride this amazing machine. No more youtubing, article reading...
  6. MotorcopBBQ

    Super Tenere Heated Seat

    I was just looking though some S10 options for a larger windshield and found a heated seat kit by California Scientific. Just wanted some opinions about the heated seat option. From what the add says, you pull out some of the staples on the bottom of the seat and slip the heat pad in and...
  7. MotorcopBBQ

    Breaker.. Breaker.. Got a copy good buddy

    Hey guys I was riding with a friend of mine and came to the conclusion that after 6-hour ride, we need a communication system. I just want to know if anyone out there has a system that they use and have put it through its paces and would recommend it. I'm looking at a bluetooth system; Sena...
  8. MotorcopBBQ

    S10 does everything, including passing a GS

    I've read everything about this bike from hundreds of sites. Like you all have. Found great videos of this bike. Now you can see all the things that makes this bike great. This guy is nuts! With the passing of trucks what look to be single lane roads. To 64km (39mph) off road, head on with a...
  9. MotorcopBBQ

    Test Rode BMW R12RT, F800GS and I need a new friend

    Ok, first let me fill you all in. A good friend of mine who last year purchased a Kawasaki Versys (08) decided it was time to set up to a new bike. Well, last night he called me and asked my opinion about the F800 GS. I gave him my two cents and told him to look at the S10. He said, I have a jap...
  10. MotorcopBBQ

    Best Youtube S10-XTZ1200Z Vlog

    This is some of the best youtube video/vlog I've found. It kinda helps with the wait. The roads are awsome and no ones talking about the bike. Its just the motor and the road. Each video is about 8 to 20 minutes long. Check it out.
  11. MotorcopBBQ

    Breaking World News- Osama Bin Laden- Killed

    Osama Bin Laden- Killed.. Body of Bin Laden in possession of United States. Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan.
  12. MotorcopBBQ

    What is the service Cost of 6000 miles for a yamaha at your local dealers

    I am just trying to see how much it cost for the 6000 miles/10,000km service check for any current yamaha's owners. If you have taken it to your local dealership for its check up.
  13. MotorcopBBQ

    Greetings from Wisconsin

    Greetings all, I am currently not an owner of a S10 yet. The purchase has to get approved by the finance committee (the wife). I am very excited about this bike and like most Americans I cannot wait for a demo ride in my area. I am very picky about purchasing a bike that I have not ridden. I was...