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  1. Sierra1

    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    Gorgeous. Is that a two-lane road?
  2. Sierra1

    SOLD 2014 Super Tenere Project $2500 Atlanta

    Welcome, from Texas. There's a guy on here that knows every inch of these bikes. Inside and out. His stage name is TABASCO if you need to send him a message for something.
  3. Sierra1


    Welcome, from Texas.
  4. Sierra1


    Is that the one with the 10' wheelbase? :D A lot of departments were looking at them for work bikes, but the wheelbase made them hard to do the cone patterns.
  5. Sierra1

    The anything thread.

    Below is right off of the Yamaha website. Doesn't say anything about pre-orders or anything. The 2021 is/was $9,999. The asterisks after the freight charge means any orders after November 2021. And of course, this US dollars. EDIT: A quick search shows (1) 2022 within 50mi. (5) 2022s...
  6. Sierra1

    Eco Symbol?

    Oh, I agree. I was just seeing when it was actually on/off. I just don't see how it benefits if a person wanted to follow it. I never calculated what the ST13 got mileage wise. It wouldn't have been fair or accurate.
  7. Sierra1

    Eco Symbol?

    Since this thread started, I started watching it closer when I get bored. Still useless. It will actually let you accelerate and not go out. But very slowly. You can increase your speed on cruise, one button push at a time, and it will stay on. Mr. Bertrand is probably right about it trying...
  8. Sierra1

    New member from Van Buren, AR

    Welcome, from Texas.
  9. Sierra1

    New info for folks that use the Mobil-1 oil filters !

    Of course, that list depends on the individual manufacturers not changing the size of their filter(s) too. It is odd that they're giving more filter. Nowadays everything is shrinking except the prices.
  10. Sierra1

    The anything thread.

    This is A.I. doing away with humans one at a time.
  11. Sierra1

    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    Had to look that one up; yum. The Urban Dictionary had a much different definition. :rolleyes:
  12. Sierra1

    Bittersweet day in the motorcycle business

    I don't know if Home Depot still does it, but on the weekends, the price of the quart sized cans of TruFuel drops. Only the quart sized. They were trying to help the ordinary homeowner. Your lawn services use the gallon cans which did not drop in price. So, if you need some TruFuel, wait...
  13. Sierra1

    Yamaha Super Tenere MOTO-TAG photo game

    He had the Redcoats chasing him. Had to keep moving. :D
  14. Sierra1

    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    Looks like you scared everybody away.
  15. Sierra1

    New member from Portland, Oregon

    Welcome, from Texas. Wow, that was a culture shock in that move. And a downgrade in weather too. (in my opinion)
  16. Sierra1

    SOLD 2014 Super Tenere Project $2500 Atlanta

    Anybody here?
  17. Sierra1

    Researching next adv bike

    Welcome, from Texas. There's a member here that has owned/ridden both a T-12, and a 1290. . . . with an 890 on the way. He, @Dirt_Dad could answer some of your questions with personal experience.
  18. Sierra1

    Food Porn

    I'd throw the chips away and put it in a tortilla with some cheese.
  19. Sierra1

    "STRANDED" in Madisonville TX - Any Good Tire Shop Recommendations?

    The best option IN Madisonville looks to be the Kawasaki shop at 304 May st. If they can't supply, they can probably say who can.
  20. Sierra1

    Oil change super tenere 1200

    Or just pour the entire four quarts in. If it's like mine the light won't go off until you do. . . . and mine's perfect. :rolleyes: