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  1. Kruzzin5

    Re-spoking your S10 wheels

    looks great! Where did you get the wheels?
  2. Kruzzin5

    BMW recall 440,000 bikes....moments of appreciation

    exactly! Their problem is, they are cutting corners, that they have already cut.
  3. Kruzzin5

    Stuck in T - can’t switch to S

    Oops, I have always pressed the switch, not slide. I didn’t know it could slide. I’ll have to check this out.
  4. Kruzzin5

    Tuktoyaktuk Northwest Territory second attempt

    In Whitehorse, eat at Burnt Toast.
  5. Kruzzin5

    Question for Canadian members.

    I have great memories as a kid visiting the store! I believe The McBride store has been torn down for a condo.
  6. Kruzzin5

    Sarajevo via the Croatian coast

    Bring 1/2 the clothes you think you need, and twice the money you think you need. Enjoy!
  7. Kruzzin5

    Ontario, Canada

    Welcome and congrats!
  8. Kruzzin5

    ES vs Non-ES

    I have a 2015 ES and love it. The ability to adjust on the fly is so convenient. 60K kilometres with no issues. As someone said, see if the valve check was done.
  9. Kruzzin5

    Fork Seal Leaking

    You could put the video on Google Drive. That would make it easier to send out.
  10. Kruzzin5

    Hi all, new memeber from Morocco

    Welcome from Canada.
  11. Kruzzin5

    Replacing/Cleaning the S10 "Tea Bag" fuel filter to restore mileage & power + Guglatech Filter.

    So therefore, there is no need to replace the filter?
  12. Kruzzin5

    Hello from Canada

    Welcome from Newmarket,Ontario.
  13. Kruzzin5

    Greetings from Ontario

    Welcome from Newmarket, Ontario!
  14. Kruzzin5

    Time to change rear brake pads…

    Didn’t know that! Thanks!
  15. Kruzzin5

    Time to change rear brake pads…

    The troubling part is 90% of my riding is Highway. For the brake pads to wear that quickly?! I would like to disengage the integrated braking if possible. I don’t need the rear brakes to help slow me down when applying the front brakes. I would prefer to choose WHEN, and IF, I need to use the...
  16. Kruzzin5

    Time to change rear brake pads…

    I stand corrected. This is the 2nd set with 32,000 kms on them.
  17. Kruzzin5

    Time to change rear brake pads…

    I believe they are OE… 56,000 km.
  18. Kruzzin5

    Time to change rear brake pads…

    Whew, I think I replaced them just in time! o_Oo_Oo_O