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  1. Ric H

    LED light conversion question.

    I have 3d printed light covers from here. Will these lights work with them? 9005 HB3 LED Car Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kits,Novsight 70W 10000LM 6000K Cool White CSP CREE LED Automotive Driving Headlight Bulbs (Pack of 2)- 3 Year Warranty...
  2. Ric H

    OEM topcase discontinued?

    Are they no longer available for the latest models? My dealer didn't seem to know.
  3. Ric H

    OEM Tall windshield

    Will the 2018 OEM tall windshield fit the 2020 model?
  4. Ric H

    2020 S10 Brake/Tail light wires.

    Anyone have a clear idea where they are? I want to add more conspicuity to the rear.
  5. Ric H


    Does the 2020 super tenere dash have a voltmeter?