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    Auxiliary fuel tank fitted - JAZ cell

    Nice work Craig.:)
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    Where in the world to take the best Bike tour ?

    Roads in NZ are great. 4 weeks ago I flew over and rode this bike: 4 days of riding: A couple of years ago I rode here in 100 hours: On this BMW R1200RT: Great roads. Very little traffic apart from right near the handful of cities. Mainly winding roads with lots of...
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    Where in the world to take the best Bike tour ?

    Chris, I think he meant somewhere outside of the big beautiful wall.
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    Where in the world to take the best Bike tour ?

    Bhutan. Go riding in the Land of the Thunder Dragon.
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    Auxiliary fuel tank fitted - JAZ cell

    About 800km sitting on 81km/h on the GPS
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    Auxiliary fuel tank fitted - JAZ cell

    Thanks for those replies Eric, I've been absent for a while. Craig if you follow Eric's links and where to buy bits you will be fine. As for the aux tank sump, if you look at my JAZ install, the tank is sitting on two sections of 50mm/2 inch alloy square tube. I have used the steel...
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    Cut-down screen anyone?

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    Tabledrain joining in

    You sound like one of them thar "Iron Ass" guys. Enjoy the new bike tabledrain. Just check the battery on your 2012. :confused:
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    Do you like English bikes?

    This an Indian-made British bike: A Royal Enfield Bullet 500. This was a pic I took yesterday morning a few hours into an Iron Butt Association SS1600Km/SS1000Mile day. It's a little champion :)
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    Use the whole gallon at oil change time?

    4 quarts? Quarts? Its a Japanese bike. They use the metric system and all that jazz. Then there's that pesky 17mm sump plug...... too big for a 5/8th inch spanner, too small for 3/4 inch spanner, but just a little bit small for an 11/16th inch spanner, so that should work just fine. There's...
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    Back pain, NOT lower back, kind of on my back lats, a few inches out from the spine on each side HELP!

    I regularly ride long distances of over 1000 miles per day and often day after day. I've never considered it a chore to look in my mirrors every few seconds or so. I even check the speedo every now and then, plus the fuel gauge and have a sip from a camelbak when I feel like it or think I...
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    Just when you think a custom bike couldn't get any dumber

    I wish he'd taken the time and effort to take better photos with a better background. All that junk destroys the (crazy) lines of the bike. I have a Valkyrie in my shed................;)
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    What first and what kind?

    I'd think that for a commuter planning to lane-split that a lockable, waterproof top box would be higher up the priority list than either panniers or a skid plate.
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    Locating PC8 Fuse Box in the Tool Kit Area?

    I've had my PC-8 down there for years. Lots of space. I have a Starcomm communications box under the seat. I've replaced my tool kit with more bits and that usually ride along in my pannier.
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    Fuel tank damage —-> repair?

    Is TABASCO still making his 'Frankentanks'? ie cutting the tank horizontally and welding in a strip of metal to create a tank 8 litres larger than stock? He may be able to make use of your tank as a donor.
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